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Pause icon for the new Landal logo

Mascots Koos and Bollo become friends

Goes, 10 July 2024 – Roompot and Landal GreenParks’ ambition is to be the European market leader in nature escapes, under one strong new brand. This new, strong brand, for more than 300 holiday destinations in 13 countries, is to be given an internationally-renowned name: Landal. The new purpose ‘Give everyone the freedom to find their Happy Place’ will underscore the new brand. The organisation gives a sneak preview of the new logo that has a clear link to ‘pressing the pause button’ and symbolises what the company embodies. The visual identity is to be further developed and will be kickstarted at the end of the year. The new brand and logo will start to make its scenic appearance as of next year. Mascots Koos and Bollo will become friends, with Koos assuming a prominent role.

Since the merger in 2023, Roompot and Landal GreenParks comprise one entity with a new purpose and new values. One strong brand is a prerequisite for the organisation to attain international growth. A new brand with a modern, inviting and future-proof proposition. The Landal name will be used in triplicate: for the organisation, guests and park names.

‘Live the new brand’

Underscored by the purpose ‘We give everyone the freedom to find their Happy Place’, the new Landal strives for further international growth by offering a delightful holiday for any group, at any time. Together with the 5,000 colleagues across all destinations and offices, the team ensures every single guest finds their Happy Place at Landal.

Four core values are pivotal at Landal: ‘Feel at home’, ‘Together as one’, ‘Discover your nature’ and ‘Focus on what matters’. These values make up both the culture and brand, and ensure guests, colleagues and partners always feel at home and welcome.

Pause icon symbolises the Landal logo ​

A new logo has been devised for the new brand, comprising an icon and a word brand. The new icon symbolises a pause. This pause icon represents an entire world – the world of Landal. The pause icon aims to inspire guests to press the pause button and escape the daily grind of stress, challenge and routine. The colour derives from the existing Roompot logo.

Guests are invited to discover the endless possibilities available to them, within their own time, ​ requirements, budget and group constraints. Pressing the pause button on everyday life can extend as far as one likes, from being active in the countryside to winding down in a home from home.

The pause icon comprises the first and last letters of the name Landal: the 2 L’s. Similarly, the ring around the ‘Reel’ pause icon is made up of L’s.

The descriptor “Holiday breaks in nature” succinctly encompasses the link between the pause button effect that Landal wishes on everyone and the stunning scenery the 300+ Landal holiday destinations are located in.

New identity

Extensive international qualitative and quantitative research, feedback from employees, guests and owners, along with in-depth deliberations all show that Roompot and Landal GreenParks are strong brands, yet are insufficiently distinctive from one another and that the lack of a single clear identity within Europe is a stumbling block. The decision has been taken, in due course, to incorporate the 300+ holiday destinations in the countryside in a single new brand; one with new values, a new client proposition and a new visual identity.

New brand, new name

The benefits of a new brand and of reusing the Landal name (without GreenParks) will engender a more contemporary image and will appeal to new target groups and better represent the broader choice. The idea being that existing guests identify themselves with the new brand and that new guests will see the appeal. Within an international context, Landal is a highly usable name which is already deployed in 9 countries.

The new brand will be launched in stages as of autumn 2024. The complete rebranding will take at least 2 years.

Mascots Koos and Bollo become friends

Both beloved mascots will play a part in the future Landal. To many guests, mascots symbolise cherished memories of holidays at Roompot and Landal GreenParks. In line with its ambition to become the European leader of nature escapes, the organisation has opted long-term to focus on one mascot. Koos will assume a prominent role. Koos represents the various destinations well; after all, rabbits are found all over the countryside. Koos offers endless possibilities for children to play with his extensive wardrobe. Koos loves to explore and was conceived with the future very much in mind. Koos and Bollo will become friends.


About Landal

Landal is the new brand resulting from the merger between Roompot and Landal GreenParks. We are the market leaders in versatile holidays and accommodations throughout Europe. As a specialist and innovative host, Landal offers each and every guest an unforgettable holiday experience in more than 30,000 highly diverse holiday homes at 300+ stunning holiday destinations in thirteen countries.

With an extensive portfolio of destinations, accommodation types and holiday options, Landal offers something truly unique, whatever the preference or budget: from beach huts to designer villas, and from glamping to deluxe chalets. Giving the annual 5.5. million guests unparalleled holiday options in all four seasons.

Underscored by the purpose "We give everyone the freedom to find their happy place", Landal strives for further international growth and focuses on a better environment. With its proactive sustainability policy, the parks are Green Key certified. Together with more than 5,000 colleagues across all destinations and offices the Landal team ensures every guest finds their Happy Place.

Four core values are pivotal at Landal: "Feel at home", "Together as one", "Discover your nature" and "Focus on what matters". These values make up both the culture and brand, and ensure guests, colleagues and partners always feel at home and welcome. Landal creates a safe, trusted environment within which everyone supports one another, encourages curiosity and prioritises the truly important things, such as a sustainable future and personal happiness.

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Jeannette ten Kate

Jeannette ten Kate

Manager External Communications, Roompot & Landal GreenParks




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